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You’ll be spared from darkness if you never know the light.

I’ll never fully understand what other people see in me, but I’ll always feel and care, because I hold a sense of empathy — although sometimes I must beware: I can be tricked or hacked, as I try to develop myself, some just want to sack… they care nothing for my health. The relationships in which I partake aren’t a polarized dichotomy, friendships exist without political stakes and behoove us (somewhat ironically). Love is crazy as it is wild and sits on the same side as hate, flipping a coin might feel mild, but such is the indifference of fate. I lose myself to random thoughts that reside within a spectral fixture, and all of what my perception sought is a mere fraction of the picture. Honestly, I don’t understand my senses, maybe the mind has many eyes? It’s like mine keeps polished lenses that dirty only by telling lies. I’m honest to the T, but know truth isn’t universal, I’m lost in a frothy sea that’s transient and eternal. We’re surrounded by liars and deception whether motivated by kindness or with greed, their lies fog the very perception that they neither harbor nor heed. It’s possible I was born strange, and that might even be likely, that my ability has powerful range with antennae that enlighten me. So how do I explain this allegory if you’re content in your cave? My words might be inflammatory: grim, gruesome, and grave. Regardless of my desires, relationships are interdependent. And if I find and bottle fire, should I covet it, or send it? Yin inexorably follows yang, where there’s health there will eventually be blight. You’ll be spared from darkness if you never know the light.

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