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Wolf (poem)

I’m left handed, but never sinister…—————————————————-

Honest, humble, caring, and true; our family’s tight, together like glue. Annie’s an angel, Raegan’s rebellious, Tami the tougher. Three sisters protected by a buff big brother.—————————————————————- Usually running alone, traversing all weather. The wolf pack hunts (snow-blinded together). Rock’n n’ roll’n, sing’n moon-howling: boarding, biking, blading. Growling.—————————————————————

I ably maintain: autos, bikes, and machines. Accept the un-fixable: my aborted child. Know the fiery folly a match might bring…And a beating that follows. All but mild.——————————————————–A coward bit my friend, bleeding face torn off. Punched him in his place. Eye’s blind. Lights off.————————————————————-This verse: a portion of me, scribed when I was 23.—————————————————————–

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