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Winter’s First Breath (poem)

Sharp trebled puffed and shivering,

Fog trembles from chattering lips.

A silent stream once a river in,

Lies dormant between black coffee sips.

Stalactited water drips sidelong sap.

Cherry, maple, and birch: the naked trees.

Stare at sweet neblids: lips get chapped.

Wave-whispering winds sway woods with ease.

A tasty tinge stings sharp surround air.

Snowflakes drift lightly, softly, sweetly, calmly.

Flying, fleeting, flurrying, faintly and fair.

Fluffy affections affect deeply, strongly.

Plausible affects of cause and effect:

Leaves fallen suffocated suffocating corroded.

Are now covered by snow white reflex.

In stasis stabilized snow melted, eroded.

Frozen tears hold wishes still.

Empty fears told: wishes fill.

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