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White Lies

I think it’s feasible that white lies cause dementia, lubrication makes the day easy to swallow. Your integrity’s compromised; so now we’re feeling a fire burning like napalm, greasy and shallow.

Positivity doesn’t have to be some kind of untruth, outlook and planning are healthy to mention. Must you placate and fear being uncouth? Such has the price of mental detention.

If you can’t remember what happened then it’s because you believed your own silly lies… You’re muddled by ‘the where’ and ‘the when’ and your recall is utterly compromised.

Maybe you actually want a veiled existence, whereby you’re protected from reality. Your ignorant bubble’s held by persistence, you’ll erase your thoughts toward totality.

And when you deceive an honest person, They’ll sadly realize and have to attest: you are another iteration and version, of someone for whom they hoped for the best.

You can certainly fabricate any perception; dementia’s derived and delved from deception.

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