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What Villainy?

I laugh with the joker but my opinions are green, I question your innocence and nature of being. I see you walk, text and drive, together, in that order – and seeing that’s how you risk your life moving forward ya gotta surprise me ‘n mixup the order:

take a chance roll the dice make a stance be reall nice

our money’ll grow in rhythmic branches I know you’ll soon understand this Riddcoin is on the high ‘n rise naysayers are in fer a big surprise we’ll crunch em down witha digital wallet

Call it today: money tomorrow easy as asking for money to borrow, take it easy and know you’re right, they’ll all thank you eventually fully outright. Get online, it’s time to trade, this is how. Money gets made.

I told ya my opinion’s on my sleeve: just think ~a green umbrella for digital ease~

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