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War Business

The second half of Fiddler On the Roof affected me less than the first on an emotional level. Every part of my being was bothered, but wanted to complete the movie. The movie is really good cinematically, but it became reflective of daunting societal issues that will persist with humanity.

Fight or flight? That question is a tad unfair. If you’re unarmed and tired, maybe raw fists suit better there. And in that sense you fight fatigue, starvation, hunger, and weakness. Pleas. Your home is a nest which you’ve cultivated and produced, common niceties perhaps even juice. Fruits of your labors collect like prizes in a nice place you made. Forced compromises have you carting baggage walking away.

But, it doesn’t take much to sway a teenage mind, and maybe someone with less is someone so inclined. They’re willing to plunder when they are driven, push forthed by greed and sexual cynicism.

Worst of all is cultivated sadism, insane goals with thug-like precision. Such is the movement to dehumanize people, “it’s the business of war, we are not evil.”

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