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This story I shall write tonight Will be 40 lines and just right Number 3 starts here, you see? Dumby honey-gumpy bumble bee Like myself amid 6 peers crack’n joints ‘n splittin’ beers raise a glass, tap plink-clink cheers! memories ease like sensible smells to capture happiness: writing helps what you say and how you say it creates a story as you make it developing: mistakes and minds. Chipping at something we unwind curdle hurdle – crimp ‘n failure wind the cables how you tailor strings on kites with windless days generations pass on time with plays silly children – wise adults sandy beaches – smelly faults that tides fill when our moon’s full wade in tidal pull –> in <– pool Compose conduct concert – oh smash exert that extra slice o’ smash find that moment who made you laugh smile bashful – look up cheerful like today, I must admit an anecdote on your’s truly’s shit so pasty packed with mashed potatoes stuck like butts might paste together every cranny nook – my fanny shook until the steeple popped a pee-hole which opened like a geyser rocket Ejected turd. nothing could stop it leaving behind that pasty glue which held to me like you knew I wiped with paper many times until I finally realized to cast some spit on that TP lubricate saliva hydraulically. It’s yellow Well, oh: Turmuric made spit look shit.

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