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Unfiltered (poem, thought)

Walk down a hall. Drift through a chasm. Notice all: Big. Small. Slow or fast phantom.

Imagine my world… with no blind eyes. Become wearily wise with imagination. Surround yourself with lovely gals and guys. Succumb yourself into illogical infatuation.

Things happen that I cannot explain. Lying is terribly complicated. Explaining thoughts is what I disdain. My mind: dumbfounded. Future: dumb-fated.

I’m tired, bleary, dreary: fearing feelings Someday: Sunday? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Through… Positive thought and actions that don’t bring healing. But, are unrequited: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too…

Let me be! Let me be… Let me give upon to thee. Let me please. Let me, please?

Pleas. Please?

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