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Tweak’s Vignettes (poems)

On Joe Horne Joe Horne is a king among kings, His talents: bouzoundless, work: seamzeamless. Ambition endzendless, Efficient sleep: dreamzeamless. The fruition of his imagination, Like excellent scotch, becomes finer with age, flavors thar’ timeless. On stock confidence Um, Dan Clark, You didn’t pull out? You might need a crash course in puns if you want to play this game. Just a dash of rhyme for a hint of clash. Because in no time, this market’ll crash! What is the spread of strife and worry? And investments on life? What’s your hurry? SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL. Be sure to yell, and let the anti-confidence you tell spread like butter for the bread you can afford after the next market jump, unless we smash into a ditch, and truly find ourselves in a CRASH we cannot fix.

Dan the Man

I’ve seen your strengths! LIEUTENANT DAN!

An artist of a cook, deft with a pan. Decadent morsels: fajitas and burritos, and those tacos? Mama mio! Your paintings are vibrant, with roses like blood! Evocative, silent, and they to stem to the bud. With the touch of a brush, your movements are zealous… Such visual brilliance has most artists jealous.


Habits are civil; constructive throughout. Is Abbot the man? No eff’n doubt! For my volleyball team: Kick Sass Bump, tap, smack! It’s headed corner left! Kick Sass recovers a glorious bump. Opposition awed by apparent theft… Kick Sass spike: an echoing “thump.” Opposition never as deft… Kick Sass thrusts fists: a skyward pump. Opposition from pride, now bereft. Kick Sass adaptation, the ultimate trump.

On shaving my 7 month beard. Bye Bye Beardie In the windy weather,

your presence was revered. You caught droplets like a feather, close even when I teared. Someday, we’ll grow old together. But now, farewell my beard… A poem for a company that appeals to me, OXO: The original ideation: vegetable preparation. Brilliant creations brought proclamations: “what gripping innovations!” Chalk

I was sold as a piece of chalk to a teacher.

She bought me when I was long.

She used me by day,

and left me at night.

I was used half way,

when a little boy dropped me,

and I broke into three pieces.

Three students used me until I ran out.

Woman Walking

clip clop clip clop

Listen to the heels drop.

clip clop clip clop

See the way her legs hop!

clip clop clip clop

She’s got a lollipop!

clip clop clip clop

did she see my jaw drop?

clip clop clip clop

oh well, she didn’t stop.

Ode to my Frisbee

spins like a CD  glides like a kite   soars through the air    soars through the night     goes without care      carries in flight.

     It can be seen in rain and shine,

    is my Frisbee, what is my divine

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