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Tweak’s Sneaky Revelations

Sleepy’s slogan is a pun, not just a super creepy death reference.(Sometime in 2008, from a Sleepy’s ad) “Open Sesame” in expanded to “open says me”(Sometime in 2010, watching a movie) The reason we say, “You’re welcome” after giving thanks is because it is a shortened version of offering more help in the future, “You’re welcome to my service.”(July 2014, listening to The Grapes of Wrath) The trademarked name “Honest Tea” sounds just like honesty.(August 2014, drinking iced tea on a beach) The reason vertical photographs are called portrait, and horizontal ones called landscape is because They look better in those situations.(September 2014, getting photographed next to a landscape)

The reason it’s called “jailbreaking” is because it breaks your iPhone out of ‘Apple jail’ and allows for a diversity of personalization.

(November 2014, upon jailbreaking my 4th iphone)

I used to call ‘seat check!’ When I didn’t want one of my friends to take my seat after I got up. Today, a conductor told me to bring my ‘seat check’ to another seat, indicating the slip of paper they always use. Now it makes sense.

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