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Tweak’s Jokes, Toasts, and Small Anecdotes

Raunchy joke, (requires icicles and kilt/dress): “I’m freezing my nuts off!” Hang the icicles appropriately. Purposely Immature and Dangerous toast: Beer made our parents, it made us, and it made you. Drunk cuddling will give you kiddies too! Trying to Knock a soccer ball off a Cambridge hedge with a Stick There are no fallen sticks, or other useful tools to retrieve the ball. The place is more immaculate than Disney World. Recommendation Next time I need a recommendation, I think I’ll ask a group of dentists and dermatologists. They’d rate me positive 9 times out of 10 no matter what.

Drunken Mirth, soon

lushy blushing, beer-in-cheering, laughing-splashing, clinking clanking, drinking. Dranking? Not thinking, thanking. Caffeine cranking. Swishing wishing. (…) Uh, dishing compliments. Feeling sentiments. Browning in, was it browning out? Why’d you shout? I’m not loud, quie…QUIET DOWN. Tired? Wired? Never fired, always on time. Reason’s rapped riddled and rhymed. See ya lata all ya gatas: in a while let’s clock a smile.

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