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Here are concepts I would like implemented in the world which might make you money: Hold Tones (idea written October 5th, 2014) If you, or someone you know, or someone you know knows a person in charge of the hold tone for tech support, then please please tell them to stop using music. Replace the hold tone with a 45 second interval voice saying, “You are on hold.” Dental Floss Color Indication (idea written: October 5th, 2014) Make the last 3 feet of dental floss a different color so that I know when to buy more floss, rather than pulling 4 inches of it out only to find I actually can’t get that popcorn kernel out of my teeth.

Icons on maps (idea written: October 5th, 2014)

There are graphic designers everywhere, and these subway stops at King’s cross are hard to remember via the map. If there were icons denoting something about the Underground’s destinations instead of white dots it would help tourists, and everyone else. Freezing Rubber Necking (idea written: October 24th, 2014) During particularly bad accidents, fire trucks are used to block the vision of passerbys… presumably to increase the flow of traffic which is too often impeded by curious onlookers. Perhaps another device could serve this purpose more effectively, maybe a robust curtain set-up tow-able by a police car. *If any of these concept exist, good, but when I wrote them, I didn’t know that. Let me know if you find such implementations.

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