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Fission Looping

Story 10/29/2014: I just played Dominion on Goko against a random for the first time in like a year. And: I hereby coin the term: fission loop – A turn that uses the discard pile multiple times to purchase new cards for the current turn’s play area.

e.g. Renee used contiguous Throne Rooms and Markets in combination with Workshops, Smithys, and Villages purchased this turn… she keeps making Silvers and Villages with the Workshops, only to reshuffle, draw, and repeat! A base set fission loop… at least a 3 Provinces for her…

If you are reading this blip, and don’t know Dominion, I recommend trying the free cards at


Story 11/07/2014: To reduce clutter in my car, I keep a plastic container in the back seat foot-well behind the passenger’s seat as a garbage. Eventually, I labeled it with a Sharpie for fun, and no passengers would certainly know it’s purpose: a car garbage, carbage

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