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Travis and Thema

“If you help me find a place to live,

I’ll totally write a poem about you.”

They offered THEIR apartment to give.

How much kindness flows from these two?

What more could I tell ya?

Steps they break, paths they pave?

This is Travis Carbonella,

and of course Thema Graves.

Some might call it joyous prancing.

Which is definitely a part of it.

That’s actually ecstatic dancing.

In a group of shufflers, they started it.

Perhaps you know she’s a healer?

What hand positions would make me?

Unlock your chakra, ki, and feel her.

Explorative energy, channeled reki.

Then of course there’s live performance.

Feel free to sing, play, wail, and flail.

A zone without judgement, an ordinance.

From these hosts we have permission to fail.

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