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The stress that breaks you down is destroying other people – and what you see as the spread of ignorance is the growth of evil. And avoiding the topic does nothing but inflate it, so we’re tempted by our baseline to abhor and abate it. The tragedy of this situation is growing and systemic – the mental health of our people’s nothing short of a pandemic. When we worry for our thoughts we keep their pain a secret, where eventually we’ll shatter to everyone’s regret. And I watch with sadness tugged on by my sympathy – attempting and imploring all my veins of empathy. What can we do against such burning rage and hate? And how can we veer the master hand that steers our collective fate? Bullets don’t end bullets, but rather multiply them – and fighting fire with fire results in pure mayhem. So hold this tragedy as a wanton rip within your heart, and see how you can spread love rather than fear that endless dark. Aspire toward embrace, aspire toward the light – because casting shadows only spreads a blight.

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