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To Vicky

Today is the day,

it’s a day for two,

half for my brother,

and half for you.

In the battle of the sexes,

We often fight and fear loss.

When we’re caught up in whose right.

We’re also caught up in chaos.

But occasionally you find two halves of a whole.

Were seeing the combination of one today.

So Vicky, take care of my brother.

And make sure he never loses his way.

Like a bike tire and tube, you’ll be rolling along.

And often you’ll have to climb the hills.

You’ll be pulling up wee lads and lasses,

as you figure out how to pay the bills.

And you’ll fall, get lost, burned and bent

as you make your way through a rusty path.

But he’ll be there to pick you up too…

After all, he’s really good at math.

Vicky, I’m scared, because it won’t be easy.

Your life will not be some cake walk.

But maybe like two comits in orbit,

you’ll be one another’s rock.

Stay strong, stay stable

you’re well and you’re able.

I’ll be there in a familial solar system.

May I be the supporting brother?

For when you choose to call yourself mother?

I’ll always offer you

all of my wisdom.

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