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The Power of Hunger (anecdote)

I experienced a revelation this morning because I woke up hungry i.e. low blood sugar. The world was slow. Thinking was tough; it didn’t occur to me that I needed to eat. The situation was reminiscent of waking depressed. 45 minutes lying. With concerted effort, I pushed my body away from the bed, but only succeeded in draping my legs to the floor. Slumped prostrate. 5 more minutes. An eerie question in my conscience began to resonate, “What is happening?” In what felt like moving through vaseline, I carefully slowly drove to CVS. A pharmacist informed me that my blood pressure was low. Pre-shelled pistachios and Gatorade are delicious lifesavers.

What was the revelation?

My body’s caloric deficiency resulted from a very active lifestyle and not consuming enough to keep up with it (I had an amazing weekend, and should have eaten additional meals). This was a rare hunger of wealth, it wasn’t terrible, but the memory opened my eyes. If you can’t imagine the thought process of impoverished people, then its likely you haven’t been hungry.

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