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The Dope

Too much affection causes real problems. There are too many people I want to hold. And I want to reach out to calmly touch them. But my hand strikes them as evil and bold. I’m tired of people expecting to own each other. And I am struck by the nonsense brooded in hate. You’re solitude and suffering sleeplessly smother my attempts to revive you before it’s too late. Empathy and sympathy will trounce apathy and derision. However, when you truly think I’m the devil in your life: I have to accept your poorly routed decision, and then eclipse the evil which causes me strife. Remember the times our eyes reflected the stars, remember the wonderment of the camp fires, can you recall that? Or is it too hard? Do you wish to seek ephemeral desires? Listen to me reader: closely with your wits, because unfortunately I’ve been to hell and back… Dante may have followed the leader on fantasy’s ship, however reality is neither good nor bad nor white nor black. But we have choice, and we have hope, and most of us want peace. So use your voice, and be the dope. May our love never. Ever. Cease to increase.

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