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The Board Room

My day is neither short nor limited, when the deal is sealed and done, and every day that I’ve visited, I never cease to have some fun!

You might think I’m a carboard crack addict, and of course you are correct. I play sleeveless — but don’t panic. I’m careful not to scuff or nic.

Seriously we’re selling lottery tickets to children, but we’re making them acute, and when they slam those bombs to win, they are anything but cute.

This child Dante, for example, joined the circus while in college. Even when clowning at his table, he juggles wins as our judge.

Or take this mathematician: Ben, his arithmetic’s like lightning, so just don’t be too surprised when he wins with haste — it’s frightening.

Oh, looking for trades for commander? Then you should play a game with Zach… you’ll surely have plenty of trade time shortly after you get trample smacked.

But, dear reader, you must stay vigilant! Even when you want to tap out, read all of your cards with due diligence, and try not to swear and shout!

I must admit I do it often, with families and children around, and even when I try to soften, I explode when I lose the round.

Oh don’t worry Sean, I’ll mention your name too, because we all know that Shawn is simply better than you.

Lolly’s plays keep me guessing, and I’m reluctant to hear her creature stories, she utters tales as depressing as they are utterly gory.

I would never stop on a dime, even in tubs of silver, James, here’s your random rhyme, stop beating me with slivers.

I often play too many colors, but hey, who plays to win? And if there we’re five or more others, I’d rainbow at least ten.

Because Magic really is a gathering, where I’ll meet other wizards like me, among witches, walkers, and a smattering for general affinity.

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