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Summer’s End

Brisk breezily eases, “Keep calm and cool.” A leaf facing pleas is fated a frightened fool. Contemplation convinces conviction’s choices, Surreptitious influence surrounds wispy voices.

Where’s a leaf in the chaos of this world? Converting light until brown, withered, and furled? A life cycle’s use, exhausted photosynthetic. A leaf’s demise drops drearily pathetic.

Grow gleefully gorgeous, oh mother tree, Your colors matured attached longevity. Mid-life changes, Green, Yellow. Red… Fate’s feathery fall toward carpets of dead.

Brisk breathes breezy weary wisdom: “Scatter soon. Collect. Compost to come.” Winds flow. Gails blow. Hurricanes throw. Soon leaves to dust, soon soil to grow.

Ignorant leaves will toss asunder. Fragile lives hold on with wonder. A fall’s start lies lurking ’round the bend. Between big brown trunks at summer’s end.

Today’s a warm one to bask in the sun. Keep calm and cool when the day is done.

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