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Step 1

Step 1 to do, oh wait that's 2 back track a lap then follow through it's complete and all is done oh wait no, so back to one which was none - a moment ago I borked this up, oh no, oh no Could I, should I bother back? My mistake has started a stack of choices anew backward decisions backward forward pushpull friction I'll not think nor hurry worry what was 1 was actually 3 such is process -- scientific what's wrongs now right, oh terrific each step I take back trickle tracks mistake & repetitive EXPLETIVE! More time to waste no, no, failure's aren't wasted the path I follow: trips are tasted flavor savor: Ice cave major twisted risky pathways sideways Downward upwards trapdoor quicksand So that was all my daily plan I am in awe. I am a man. I'm inclined to flee, to fly, to run But I must focus on Step 1.

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