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Shout Out

K Listen close. N listen well. I got a story I gotta tell.

Simmer down-a ring a ding ding Circle round what I’m telling:

I’m a poet I know it. I feel it. I show it.

This isn’t my story but of those before: like William Shakespeare ‘n Tupac Shakur Prolific terrific explicit exquisite feelings pump pulsating lyrics.

In Flaundres whilom was a compaignye Of yonge folk, that haunteden folye Geoffry Chaucer gave to me: universal human telemetry.

Poets need not bring you heat with clever verbs rhymed up in beat like Robert Frost’s old chilly path less traveled by your weary feet.

What happens at that fatal freeze? Your spirit flees like withered leaves? Edgar Allen’s Poe’s ghost now free? Quoth The Raven “Nevermore” to me.

‘Course Robert Burns‘ wild passion fire building lust distraction mice/men’s plans gang oft agley leaving grieffy-pain fer promised joy…

Though I wish I coulda listen to Emily Dickinson spit her truth; I, too, measure who I meet owning pent-up cold with want in grief.

My youth was fed by Sam I Am; serve me, please, Green Eggs and Ham! Theodore Geisal or Doctor Seuss ditched medical school in pursuit of healing-feelings listened to…

Aftermath coats colorful matters: M&M gems like Marshal Mathers; Stan’s by me but so is Slim when bad meets evil Yin-YANG! Lin-Manuel Miranda writes Hamiltion passing In The Heights giving hope ‘n heart ‘n plays hearing worldly plights today.

Felipe Coronel rhymes his speech with immortal truth in his technique. Devils once gods: the angels fell off diversity burnt in the melting pot.

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, when we rule the world, please visit my home. I heard you first last year; when your flow moved my own.

Lawrence Parker’s number 1, good thing we’re all prime numbers too. I’m TweakUnique, but so are you the truth connects our minds like glue unless you hear, “Wah-dah-dah-duh-dang” listen to my 9 M.M. go: Bang!

Circle spray rhythm from a loaded tech nine Aaron Yate elevates questions locked up in your mind. Killa killa it’s the gorilla chicks sniff a whiff of this ‘n all be like yay-uhh!

Shel Silverstein said the sidewalk ends with new beginnings around the bend. At peace, one piece, I’ve released burdensome missing memories.

I long for love, yet am filled with lust. But I seek the truth, and wish your trust.

As long as men breath and eyes can see so long lives this giving life to thee.

That’s just the way it is. Things’ll never be the same. So I’m confused Grant Willis because now: I’m Waiting.

In the Clutch you pulled me through Why can’t I do the same for you?

Poets left ideas through time: Rhythm And Poetry Grapes off da vine.

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