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Seth’s Scavenger Hunt

Clues and locations?

Locations. And clues!

Quitters don’t win

…and winners won’t lose.

When the clock strikes midnight,

then this game’s over.

And if you play right…

you might be hungover.

This is a scavenger hunt,

venture a guess!

Don’t be discouraged.

This isn’t a test!

Get to your first spot.

And make it snappy.

The next riddle’s at a lab,

Don’t worry, be happy!

Time is ticking. tic tic tic

And we don’t mean to be rude.

Let’s start walking.

But this’ll get much more lewd. 

Thank you, thank you all for coming. I beg your ears, I must beseech. And if you’ll have our gracious pardon, Please listen closely to our ending speech.

We’ve been lovely.

But you’re the best.

Does anyone disagree?

That does attest.

You outsmarted riddles, you’re all so clever! It was worthwhile in this group endeavor.

This place is a drag, but that’s just for show. Get watching, get smirking. Let your “feelings” grow! 

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