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Sam Simms

My memories of Sam will persist past passing. They were concentrated with him, me, and Chris Bogie at Royle School and Middlesex Middle school from 4th-6th grade. I’m going to just name memories in no particular order, their significance is like a stream of movies clipped over in my head: Super Smash Brothers after getting in the pool, the rope swing, getting in the pool after Smash, playing tag when I had a sunburn, pod racing with flying turtles, the time he farted like 40 times when we were sitting in a movie aisle… I don’t even care what that movie was, we were 10, and it was the funniest thing ever! Doing the slip and slide. The revelation that, “DON’T LOOK OVER HERE” actually draws attention to you when you are changing. We played hide and seek with the remote fart machine noise maker. The Vortex Vornado. That blimp thing. Mario party blisters, so many blisters. Trying to sneakily watch Species II. Those grannies telling us to “get off our property!” Talking about girls for the first time. And how ridiculous was Walter Shock?

I got made fun of hard in 4th grade, so much so, that I eventually changed seats in the lunch room (classic). Sam was making jokes about losing lunch (vomit variations). And he made me laugh after I’d been crying. Our friendship was that of boyhood innocence.

Your memories will never leave me.

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