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Rolling with Rowling

I too was abused by cruel climbing men whose predatory stance I understand as a man like them swathed by dominance and hate that no ordinance will ever successfully abate. So long I was celibate, but not by choice – I recall laughter within the doctor’s voice:

Her: Are you currently choosing to be sexually active?

Me: I’m not sexually active, but it’s not by choice.

Her: Hahaha, I’ll have to remember that one. Seriously though, are you sexually active?

Me: I am not.

Dangerous connivers, facile men, those who hate biological women, will take this backdoor if you let them. What is safety in a dichotomy? Mayhem simplicity: we are biology.

The first billionaire author’s words are nothing short of magic when crystal ball gazing at the soon to be tragic story of sexual harrassment encumbered by the escape polyjuice appears to provide – but perhaps I’m just another man who will never empathize or understand. Furthermore, I’m wealthy and white neither focused on the left nor the right.

I’m not so brazen as to assert what’s right or wrong, but I recognize honesty in a phoenix’s song: dying to cry constantly fire. JK, I’m rolling goblets of desire.

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