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Riddle Me Christmas (poem)

Discover 15 items at your leisure, specifically those for your pleasure. Be my guest, try your guess! You can get rewarded 3 times tonight. So here they are from left to right:

This drink is one to savor, energizing effects inert… Enjoy the roasted flavor, without being overly alert.

On branches breezed, cited in ancient Greece, A drupe when squeezed creates this flavored grease.

Circular sweets are dolloped with fluff. These sugary treats are crisp, but not tough.

Its voice pulses with care, like your dentist said, “When it shows signs of wear, get a replacement head.”

A basin full of holes, is clasped on a rubber disc. It rests in sink’s holes, making overflow a risk!

A blade consistently dices, when clapped upon the top. It extends, rotates, and slices, reverbs a bashing pa-POP!

Similar ones clutter your cabinet, because they lack conformation. A stacked modular set doesn’t require reformation.

This jumps after its fall, rebounding damped potential. Impulsive more when user’s tall, kinetically consequential.

The bristles of a badger, will make you surely dapper. Your mug will showcase swagger, when painting on the lather.

Nasal ways breath cool with follicles diminished. This manscaper’s tool makes congestion finished!

Cleaning devices spin, like the vacuum: Rumba, were it auto-roving skin, would be called the Groomba.

Doctors author many books, on ailments and addictions. This physically fits your looks, curing a medley of afflictions.

Interlaced rings wrap in the middle, one loops the answer key. Solutions pictured to every riddle, illuminated by fire and LED!


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