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I am White. I am Black. A Nazi, also Ghandi. I am happy when I’m sad. But sappy when I’m angry. I’m hippy as I’m stern. Educated, though unlearned:

sporadically a spore addict cloudy space-dust lightning creaking faded in the attic.

I’m a ghost in many shells, Viewing what my shelling’s done. Purposes united by the meaning of 1 The pen is fading as blood will dry — ideas — in spin —

Beauty and Beast tumbling within.

I am stupid. I am Smart. I am worthless. I am art.

Smoke in vapor – clouds of dust Kevin Rich links his ghastly Musk like Elon Rowling Meryl Streep. Or Joshua mixin’ me a drink.

You are me as I am you. Read it backwards for the truth.

Innocent-Murderer Victim-Assailant Torturer-Tortured confused as apparent.

“Make me proud.” “Make them pay.” “Come home again to me some day.”

I am alive. I am dead. I am famous for what I said.

I am the solution wrapped in riddles; concentrated dilutions as big as I’m little. I write since I’m wrong but swear I’m right-handed. Colorful colorless read and unread.

Someday I may die, but maybe I won’t. I was born yesterday, tomorrow I’ll choke.

My life will be remembered – though forgotten soon by new life with new blood – Ideally less rotten.

This tale shall continue as the ink pulls out in capillary action A tale of eternity delaying satisfaction with distraction. Moments of bliss amid new methods and movements.

I am lefty in this panel. Tai Chi mostly. Both feet maybe.

I am crazy, but dull ‘n sane. I know you don’t know everything. Especially if you believe your lies false-laid confidence coerced ‘n contrived.

Lying kills; a prospective connection my pen is dying with in-INFORMATION.

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