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Some thoughts we might provide in confidence, these though – I’ll share with utmost prominence: and with my rhymes reveal my dominance as I shower in collective compliments. Personally, I like to keep it cleaner, but that doesn’t mean I’m not the meaner. Will you understand what’s pristine-or just talk a bunch about your wiener? A sausage fest is what you’ll gather speaking of women in that matter. How COME their screams seem to shatter my ear drums as they froth the lather? A close shave looks crisp and nice. On the razor’s edge you naught think twice… My grooming habits tend to slice the grunge, the filth, the fleas, the lice. You may be the snoopiest dog around. With blunts as long as they are round. But you’re sniffing at scraps upon the ground before you get fixed down at the pound. Pounds, Dollars, Nickels, Pence. Must I always impart two cents? The wicked greedy raise the rents as they capitalize on humble sense. I’m not exactly complaining here at the evil I’m disdaining-we’re the people who’re staining fear with tears we keep on gaining unlike resources we’re constraining as we constantly keep blaming people who’re feigning they don’t see the acid raining from the elitist who’re reigning over the rest of us.

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