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Remote Control User

Someday I’ll watch Rick and Morty, as well as many others: Futurama, Bob’s Burgers and The Venture Brothers – but those ‘someday shows’ won’t all be animated, a plethora of creative content people cultivated: I really liked this episode I saw about dealing crystal meth, yet despite how good they may be or are, TV has me bored to death. Even athletics can be fun to watch sitting at the bar, but those monitors and screens can only go so far. And I am wholly consumed by all the advertisements – which capture my concentration – sense and maybe cents.

This world we live in busts with fascination; when deciding how to spend my time there’s little contemplation. I rarely web-surf through Netflix-YouTube-Hulu, because my eye can’t help but catch something better to do. I’m a gamer who aspires toward a tactical greatness, and I really should watch pros to understand the latest – meta and strategic implementation, but I get distracted by the simplest of sensations… because watching stuff alone feels so isolating – you won’t make any love if you’re busy masturbating.

And I say that as a metaphor for creativity, which, if worth exploring, isn’t ever easy. Somehow our culture both hates and glorifies laziness, and efforts beyond the norm are vilified as craziness.

So, reader, if you chose to get this far, know that I am writing to you from a heavy heart. There are so many like me dwelling within a global shadow, watching consumer culture draining a sadly shallow sense of being dwindling their depth, which I have no doubt they would have gladly kept – if their environment hadn’t made them a bland consumer, an instant-download gratification remote control user.

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