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Read Out Loud

No matter how much I do in any given day, it just doesn’t feel like enough… because no matter how hard it may be to do, I know it could be even more tough. So I look introspectively at what I have learned, wrought, and wholly gained, and in these reflective moments take pause at some latent growing pains: at what point does leading by example make any lick of difference? And how could I even sample a population so full of indifference? It’s my dream that the thoughts I broadcast here through rhymes will somehow bounce through minds to minds through minds. So if you think this post might somehow lead to some sort of happy place, I implore that you read it aloud to a local friendly face. And if that is even the mirror, or a somber sleeping pet, I doubt anyone will scorn you with some silly crass regret, but rather, they would enjoy the silky sounds always conducive to the music your voice emotes and produces.

Read Out Loud

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