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My harp strings resonated, reverberated, and quaked a fissure in the ground. I had struck a high and mighty chord. And in the chamber which produced the sound, I viewed the crystal hilt of a glowing sword. Lava seeped from the crack, jets of fire plumed, then I saw the serpent’s back, shimmering image doomed. A dragon of diamond reflected in the setting sun. “Well, shit.” I thought, “this story will be fun.” An inferno engulfed the dark, as the beast snarled and roared, but it didn’t pass the harp, and couldn’t melt the sword.

I held the blade and prepared for a lethal strike. But, the dragon turned her head throwing flame up through the night. She brought her ear to my harp, so I lowered the sword, then I scratched her neck and recited spoken word. The beast purred out fiery rings, and hummed harmonic peaceful things.

I climbed up her neck and continued to strum, her legs rhythmically beat the ground which started a drum. I don’t know how I knew why, but it would be alright… as she got ready to fly, I embedded the blade to a scale on my right. She uttered a stifled whimpering wail. Then she stretched her wings and snapped her tail. I straddled the hilt, and held the harp. We ascended as a pair into the dark. She made light, I made music.

If we don’t hold what’s bright, we just might lose it.

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