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On Creeps

Women everywhere, we’re just ignorant. I consider myself very epathic, but in order to relate to something you need to experience it a bit. I was never approached by a woman until one interrupted and questioned what I was writing at a fish fry place in Scotland at age 26. Ironically, the purpose of the poem was to bolster my self-confidence after I learned the girl I was dating “technically had a boyfriend.” Any way, being approached was annoying, but I was flattered. Only after experiencing ‘the other side’ was I able to gain perspective. It’s really hard to want to be friendly to strangers, I find it’s much easier to complement older women on dresses, jewelry, and what have you, because of implicit motives with younger ones. When I’m older though, that won’t be the case. Long story short, I hope this small story makes men less ignorant, and women understanding that some of those guys just want to be friendly. I hear women complement one another all the time, and it is a beautiful thing. #heforshe

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