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OD Cola

Note to reader: 85 BPM, * is short-breath, ** is long breath, “*haw*” indicates a dramatic inhale, intentionally misspelled words are meant to be read slightly differently than normal spelling – like vahhmit instead of vomit.

Sudden stimulation cane-beats pumping through my veins in sugary sensations slamming heart beat palpitations: continued situations bounce-ride hyper ventilation make a breathless combination.

Breathe! *HAW* Breathe *haw* take a moment, slow your heart rest your eyelids, make it dark breathe *haw* breathe *haw* calmly slow th’ cadence gently raise th’ pain apart.**

This too shall pass, ‘n I’ll prevail my restless stress seems lightly veiled availin’ this moment’s how I’ll meditate I’m sorry for myself so I think I’ll ruminate:**

I’m scared alone in my own hell – vahhmit down th’ wishing well — wonder gushing flushing water, kneeling praying for some other feeling I can stomach,* a feeling I can take,* I’m a nuisance of a bother, such a silly sad mistake.* It’s my fault I’m stupid and now I’m really mad. I’m the one who did this so my thoughts are surely sad:* “Congratulations Tweak, ya lived up ta your name – no one else expels your awful sense of inner blame.”

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