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Nibbler Supreme (poem)

You don’t need to be told whose king, see me on any one of my thrones. My jumps, so high, and pounces, perfect, vindicate how many humans I own.

My subjects work and toil daily, as I lounge, laze, luxuriate, and play. They clean me, groom me, kiss me, and feed me. Chicken, beef, and fish… among other gourmet.

If I choose to demand it, then they’ll begin entertainment. I’ll show domination, rubbing their calves. Then frolic with pleasure, or maybe just feign it.

Such kindness is undeserved, these beings must constantly be trained. They are okay at massages. Keep me relaxed, and leave me unstrained.

Occasionally, I’ll catch them a gift. Maybe a spider or even a rat. After all, they get to handle my litter. I’m such a philanthropic, your excellence, your cat.

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