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Mystery Deep Ends

Talking faces talking heads babel on like they need bread Horror stories chilling gust rampant drunken pumped up lust. Muster strength and focus training your practices need no explaining inner talent vibrant growth Fire air entwined 'n stoked Bellows Billow Red 'n yellow Blue in violet Burning blaze Cut the phase wonderland haze. Life is existence partying it up Mixing flavors stirred in a cup Rapture rupture warped wrath pleasure Drunken Stupor Stony leisure Record Forget try 'n remember Record Forget, did I remember? There's a bad moon on the rise surprise these lies oft compromise Slice of knives chopped offa pies You tried to try which makes you wise Each knot you've tied pulled round your ride Extra Sore Ex or Exorcise? Learn and grow like candy sweetens pretend, pretend, mystery Deep ends.

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