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MrsCyberPunk is a hell of a lady and more than anything else she just wants a baby. But her husband is always debating with her, MrCyberPunk just refuses to impregnate her. But in the mean time, now, she’s finishing school, doing the things: intelligent and cool. And although I might be a “huge fucking nerd”, this is the best thing spoken that you’ve ever heard.

And yes, Alex, you’re a huge nerd too, playing just as much Overwatch as I do. Where my effectiveness varies, you’re calm and consistent. Where I might get tilted – you’re wholly resistant. My calls can win games or infuriate our team, so it’s a bit of a gamble… or so it may seem. We’ve climbed together and improved our skills. In the back of my head, your eyes focus our kills. You’re actively following a Zen-like philosophy, not showing Mercy with resurrection in prophecy. You bring us back to life as we transcend through the iris, you neither settle for less nor compromise us. Your timing is altogether tactical, your speed boosts are deadly and grenades are practical. Your tanking is sharper now than ever before, with bubbles to save me everlasting galore. Graviton surges: combos and stalling, you plan them precisely with selective shot-calling. And when you play Mei, you’re the cloud on their day: See, with Mercy you’re this warm-hearted witch, but in chaotic blizzards you’re a cold-hearted bitch – shoving icicles into their heads with ease, no one knows what hits them on their last brain freeze.

Your skill set continues to vary and grow, with Winstonian science and the more you know! We have spent some quality time together, let’s keep on playing and keep getting better.

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