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Once upon a new year’s night, I met the mirror of my smile. And when I locked eyes with hers, I was happy for a while.

Chemistry is something special and oddly wholly pure. It’s incredible how such little interaction can harbor such allure.

I admit it, as surely not a liar, something special burned under those colored works of fire.

And in those beats of music there was a stinging sadness. A few moments reverberated a ringing golden gladness.

Feeling is beyond knowing; she can make me feel this way! There will be another lass on another happy day.

Beautiful women exist in flocks feeding on the fools; precious few see us as more than able tools.

She captures photos and moments in time, and the ones we shared are also: mine.

The more I love, the more I can. Thank you Ramona, may you find a happy man.

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