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Mimicking Moths

What could be if bees might leave taste honey believe, conceive The pod of fruits which we might sample astutely measured grants us ample Volumes of basis in experimentation mushrooming clouds it: sporadic exploration A page of my focus unsheathed S words It’s Hocus Pocus meter step: backwards Silly seekers see serotonin like languid leering licking Sloths sipping sappy simple syrup Make believe butterflies mimicking Moths

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Where gun shots blaze – an explosion of feathers Daffodil petals Knife wounds fester – aurora borealis rainbow colors When explosions ring – harps pluck purity elasticity Calamitous comets ingenuity

Incrementing Incompleteness

Held within modern cinema is the same fantastic idea; except the fantasy is now computerized and super human powers are CGI’ed. “We want to be the hero,” said everyone, worldwide; although there are


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