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There I was, on a bed in this chick’s apartment next to a dude named Lee. We were drinking some and playing this game from like 1973. The concept was tremendously trippy with art held hilariously hippy. Yet again I found myself in a mix of unfamiliar faces. What ever. I have fun no matter what the space is.

And then you arrived. Another exception to prove the rule, a babe whose presence has most gamers drool. But, not me. I’ll be glad to keep my composure, while so many nerds lose themselves to overexposure. You’re attractive: those curves, hair, and face, it’s a physical fact. I’m a sucker for an Irish woman, your beauty strikes a chord, simple as that. I seriously think the Irish hold some sort of magic, good witches exist, their lost art is tragic. Any way, back to the history of that attractive girl, was she smart or funny? Was this worth a whirl?

That night I heard your writing read aloud, my respect was beset: instantly proud. I don’t care if that work came from fifth grade, my night came alive and my day was made. Then I was enlightened to your musical talent, play several instruments, but Berkeley can’t have it. At that moment I knew: smart, pretty, funny… I was interested in you.

It was a bit of a shot in the dark, but maybe you’d come to MakeHaven and pluck on my harp. But, you were just a tad detached, and I sensed you weren’t interested in becoming attached. I told Megan everything seeing as she was your good friend, but she told me you had a tenuous relationship with your boyfriend. Knowledge like that can be a relief because it makes the uncertainty brief. I saw you around, here, there, and occasionally in town, and at a couple of parties where I enjoyed playing clown.

Awhile passed and I saw this bike on a post, it looked just like the one pictured on your facebook post. “Well, shit!” I thought. “Is this stolen?” Which friend had I caught? Then, I glumly reported what I had found, a depressing message with a mess surely in bound. I took pictures like a private detective, trying to stay cool, calm, and collected. But, luckily this bike was defective, but my snooping was somewhat effective… Because you made an allusive reference to your ex. Well, maybe something good could from those texts? But shit, his name’s Andrew. Dammit. He tainted my namesake. Dammit!

I saw something new, the sparkles of your eyes had me attracted to you. But, I had to hold back, it was too soon. So sorry about this, “Shut up Hugh!” I’m never so mean, but how else could I force myself to stay clean? Clean isn’t the exactly the right word, but I needed safety lest premature feelings were spurred.

Then… surprise! You’re moving away. SHIT! Why does this happen day after day? Dammit. Oh well. I’d have to move fast, ah hell.

We had laughs upon laughs, smiles for smiles. When we’re around each other, we’re happy for a while. The A on my chest. MakeHaven dancing’s the best. A terrible game of Puerto Rico, you were leaving in under a week, oh…

Finally a music night, and a couple drinks to join. The moment wasn’t certainly right, and it felt like flipping a coin. And you said, “No.” I said “Okay.” We got in our cars and we drove away.

Not wanting to lose a friend, I made a text transition in truth. I wanted you to realize my motives weren’t wholly uncouth. In a way though, I think you’re protecting yourself from a familiar danger, but you should realize that no matter what, I won’t become a stranger. I’m excellent at communication, and it seemed like there was mutual infatuation.

The beauty I see in you transgresses your appearance. And if your convictions are clear, I’ll keep physical adherence. I like you for you, and I think you like me for me too.

Come to Europe and be my friend, let’s see how this story develops around the bend.

In crimson chaos crammed with crazy, Decisions daunt and delve amaze me. Don’t fear the Reaper whom I adore. Unveil the view of me, and Seemore.

I take comfort in providing it for you. How you pursue it is what I’ll do.

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