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Meditation (Instructional)

Want to try meditating?

This always lulls me into the subconscious:

Get comfortable in a bath with as few ambient distractions as possible i.e. changing lights or noises.  When doing it, focus on consistent breathing e.g. I inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 3 (my exhales are shorter, likely due to the muscles in the lungs). The counting scheme that works best for me is to use increments and the word ‘second’ as such, (inhaling) 1, second, second, second; (exhaling) 1, second, second; then 2 (inhaling), second, second, second; 2 (exhaling), second, second; etc.. Now that my breath is incrementing, I’ll count to 20 breaths with my eyes closed.  At 20, or if you so feel inclined to go longer, kick the drain keeping your eyes closed. Focus on the water level around you as it evacuates.

Tell me how you like it!

Also, a single candle or Epsom salts (sold at $1 stores and pharmacies) make the experience more enjoyable.

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