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Liz W

I was asleep before we met, lying at a frozen yogurt place. And stumbling awake, I took your embrace.

You actually deceived me, feigning ignorance toward clouds. Some people are that dumb, you looked gleeful and proud.

“You seriously find me serious!?” That changed everything forever. You surprised me, and stunned me! Loose the goof, all the better.

Sledge hammer that car! A wedding ring at the bar? Marathon running and running so far.

Such activities and activity seldom see ladies… I’m actually a misogynist, Liz, OBEY ME!

Yeah fucking right, even if I were an asshole, you wouldn’t take that shit. I’d be spun, punched, and dropped with a kick. Because Elizabeth Waldbridge is a bad ass in boots. Or flip flops or shoes. Or what ever footwear she CHOOSES to choose.

Should women be these angels of estrogen? What nonsense is spouted by pig-headed men! She’s a panther, a hawk, a lion, a viper. Be cool and beware, and don’t dare go and fight her.

Teens know everything? They don’t know shit. So pull out your books, and study this lit.

She’ll teach you English, then knock some god-dammed sense in you. Just do it, relinquish! She’s the best for you.

Learn your god-dammed lesson. Take your fucking test! Did I not already say? SHE IS THE BEST.

When they sound that bell, enter her heaven, her hell.

Maybe you’ll fly, but you might get burned. Any and all credit will be given if earned.

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