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Laughing your pee out in church.

Laughing like women who are about to pee… An overwhelming expression of pure glee.

Now I’m reminded of a story by Jessy, full of laughter and just a bit messy.

J: I was in a packed church in South America, Andrew, I know you don’t remember my friend’s name, so let’s call her Erica. There we were, nervous by the altar, the priest asked us to sing, but we started to falter. I hit that first piano key, and the noise was like an amplified bee. In a moment of laughter, I kept playing and clenched my lips, but then I felt a trickle down by my hips. I started to pee and I couldn’t stop, I pretended to cry because the bench was sopped! Erica had been laugh-crying too, I made eye contact with her and admitted the truth. “Erica, I peed.” She burst with emotion as if she were touched by God! The congregation swarmed us and started to prod. Everyone wanted a piece of divinity, but their lasting touches only tickled me! The noise around us covered what was now pure laughter, we escaped from the doors shortly thereafter. We made it out with our souls in tact, I just wish we could say the same for our urinary tracts!

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