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Kevin Mcguire

If man is 5. And the devil is 6.

Then that must make you Kevin.

Long silky straight brown hair.

With skin so light and fair.

Ha! Yeah right!

There’s a tatoo there, there, there, and there.

And they’re visibly awe inspiring.

Epically optic, optically epic. Raw perspiring.

Ever been 6 months under water?

Sliced a pig just after the slaughter?

Rocked a baseline while on both knees?

Collected skulls as your trophies?

Cooked blood and baked the slime?

Licked both your lips at the same time?

There isn’t anything quite so metal as a forked tongue at work, except maybe listening to metal with spiked ears alert…

You’re the strong and silent type,

which comes with baseline confidence.

You’re ripped, you’re real, you’re ripe.

Keep following through due diligence.

Kung fu! Chop, kick, punch!

Chef fu! Chop, slice, lunch!

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