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Kelsey (poem, anecdote)

I was attracted to the back of your head, and followed my nose wherever it led. In that crowd at Lyric Hall, being near you just smelled right, “Well, this is weird,” I wondered, “What does she look like?”

Shortly, the presentations were over, and dancing began, you stood out like a flower, so I hopped over and ran. Alongside gleeful prancing, I first took your hand, then we practiced partner dancing by the jazz band. I took your number, then scooted away, joyful to see you soon, on another day.

We met again at Firehouse 12, I met Alexa, Frank, and Allison, even though we didn’t delve, it was so much fun!  We chilled at MakeHaven to see my robot hand, an improvised night, totally unplanned. Frank played my harp, was it Saria’s Song? We started playing Dixit before too long while we drank some home brew. Then I recited the tale of an Irish crew.

I offered a ride in my car, but we saw it wasn’t there, so we scooted/walked home in May’s fair night air. Shortly thereafter, we separated as pairs. We walked up Edwards, then in the magic I uttered some star-words: “Black canvas peppered white, what an incredible riddle. Ancients look up at the night. A translucent band in the middle. Unmistakable, irreplaceable, starlight.”

We made eyes, and then we kissed. Our feelings were undisguised, light, and hinted with bliss.

We drove to Mamoun’s and garbled falafel, chit-chatted and laughed beside drunken kerfuffle. Talks of Spain and Scotland, stories and history, past experiences: adventures and mystery. In August, you’re departing for Spain, I’m glad for you, and I’m ready. But, to be upfront and plain, I’m a bit sad already.

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