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Kathy the Nanny

My memories of Kathy are some I first formed. A love that has persisted decades later. And like with my childhood tantrums and storms. She is still there to help my behavior. Whether I’m feeling happy and hilarious, or sad, dreary, and dismal. She’s a phone call away to obliterate the abysmal. On my brother’s wedding, I shaved a dollar sign in my chest. And I have no doubt she knew, that I didn’t change for the rest. I pride myself on non-conformity, even though as a teen I tried to conform. But strong women like her influenced my life, so I don’t fear deviating from the norm. Whether it be a hug from my hairy chest made of money, or a milk soaked sandwich of peanut butter and honey, just know I’ll always be here for you too, hopping around as your honey bunny.

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