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Jacob YoYoda

This dude knows all kinds of gear, a man who proudly make his own beer. From the time we met playing Dixit or last Wednesday’s Pictionary, he just loves to win it with a vocabulary like a dictionary. Imagine him here on the brink of yelling. That’s just his laugh, that’s Jacob Lewallen.

He’s boisterous, bodacious, blissful, and bold. I’m simply stunned, and solidly sold. I turn to him with programming worries, and he breaks them down into solvable queries. This software engineer personalizes my tests. Codemaster Flex is simply the best.

But this man has done some dumb things in his day, which he might be willing to tell you his own way. I wish the rest of this poem was also a roast, but, more realistically is a bit of a boast.

Oh, did you you hear the news, yo? He owns 4 types of yo-yos! And he works wood like some kind of fool, he has his own shop with, get this, only hand tools!

He’s got this cat who I’ll take care of tomorrow, seriously speaking, I’ll do a good job though.

He’s a reckoning force who might overload ya. Get ready, watch out for The Master YoYoda.

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