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Jacob and Andy

This is the story of Jacob and Andy, but you might be better off calling them nerdy and randy! That is to say: of course they both are both. No better. No worse. Have you heard about the word? Nerd and nerd, this couple’s the word.

I remember our first time at make haven, my beard was red, long and unshaven. Under fluorescent lights we rocked out to Dixit, no one cared who won as we played it (except Jacob). There was a moment where Andy’s face said nothing but “I want, I like!” That was a random day when she saw me playing Counterstrike. Granted, she’s lived most her life living in a gangster’s paradise. Or rolling strong with some bluffer’s dice.

The other nerd helped me with transistors, I suppose he is therefore quite the assister. And when he dances he loves to gallop as he prances. Maybe I made that bit up, but he certainly moves with a solid strut.

Being a nerd, in case you didn’t realize, is pretty much the best, and if you think otherwise, then you’re just like all the rest.

These nerds… I owe ’em. Scrawl words, love poems.

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