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It’s Tradition

I’m currently watching Fiddler On the Roof and am paused at the wedding scene. So far I learned everyone in pre-revolutionary Russia had haircuts which wouldn’t be popular until the early 1970’s. 1 hour 46 minutes into this 3 hour 1 minute production has many upset outcries over a man dancing with a woman, which stems from men getting upset about a young woman choosing her husband. As a kid, this rebellious sentiment totally resonated with me – but as an adult, I’m remiss to say it’s okay for a 16-year-old girl (age of consent in many states) to let herself choose a man who may want to divorce her before she turns 20 in favor of his next target. Ok Cupid…

It must feel nice to be a part of a tribe. The decisions and morals you choose to outsource make living your life more like a ride than tuning a compass on its due course. What’s right? What’s wrong? Check that verse, repeat this psalm. Seems to me as reliable as reading cracks in your palm. You’re coco-NUTS if caught in that stream, a floating rat race bustling human-made dreams. It seems sad ‘cuz it is – as sweet as it’s rich, but gnarly ‘n tangled — outrageously spangled. And that’s the problem, it seems so good, so true, and so right, but it’s a trick on your eyes; an illusion of light. Reality is so much prettier and fascinating than fables made for a zealot’s condition. When I was 11 all I wanted was video games and pixie sticks. When I was 17 all I wanted was video games and The Dixie Chicks. And when I was both ages, I’d have said “Age is a construct.” thinking in my head: ‘treat me equal, you age-blinded fucks!’ Tradition is comfort and ease. It’s sailing down wind and enjoying light breeze. It’s nice and easy. Oppose it: blasphemy. There’s so much more to this life where we walk and wander, posit and ponder, skip around… flounder. Flail, fail, get down then pick up, keep on keeping on, it’s okay to screw up. But when we sit stagnant on leisure, get pregnant on pleasure, we are no different than a bacterium, or perhaps a virus. We copy those who surround us rather than take original angles. That’s a mistake, success is fail-full.

I may write a sequel to this after the movie completes.

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