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How Was Your Day?

It’s often not sweet. As it’s often not happy.And sometimes the rhymes miss the correct beat.

Since daily life is usually crappy.With passing nights she rests in your armsyou shield her from the blistering cold -

preventing threats from inflicting her harmdaydreaming moments of how you’ll grow old.

Your mutual warmth bonds in stronger healthholding one another close like no othercombined in a better version of yourselves

now so happy together. So happy together.

You have it. So hold it. Now don’t let it go!A toast to your ride: surf ebb and flow.

It can be overwhelming, love’s foggy drug;

you need a hit NOW: be it a kiss or a hug.

Life is a treasure within spiritual pleasure,

records stretch past your past individual measure.At night your world is star-speckled gorgeous

know by a moment’s look that: 'this is for us'.

You pave on forward, tracking a plan;

she is your right and your left hand.

You and she each are one another’s #1 fan.You have it. So hold it. Now don’t let it go!A toast to your ride: surf ebb and flow.Because life can be music when harmonizing

melodic, expected - without painful surprising.

It’s cups of tea. It’s pints of beer.It’s carnival popcorn the 2 of you share.Massages, stretches, lotions, and sprays,

hand in hand beach walks to hospital stays.

It’s moments of uncertainty. Spells and conditions.

It’s mountains and lakes through long expeditions.

You are happy in prolonged moments of sadness;

your heart gently held beat-beating in her chest.

Thieves, knaves, 'n fools bounce off like bubbles

when you’re together there is no real trouble.

You have it. So hold it. Now don’t let it go!A toast to your ride: surf ebb and flow.

Our world holds haters, demons, and jackals.

Cruelty, torturers, dictators - all rascals.

All tiny, all stupid, all trollish and gnarly

destructive held hatred corrupted from folly.

They want to tell us who we should love and how

they shove, they push, they goon-badger-plow.

They argue and rampage: stomping they groan

whining they pine and reeling they moan.

They tear the atmosphere hoarding frozen tears.

They scare as they scar our innocent peers.

 They’re blinded with focus on an infernal rage,

always unsatisfied by something second rate.

They bully, they blunder, tripping they stumble;

don't forgive, aren't sorry, and cannot be humble.

They seethe, they scorn, they pry as they prove;

They walk with high fashion, yet awry and aloof.

They can't hear, can’t smell, can’t taste, can’t see;

only feeling crunched bills while counting money.

You have it. So hold it. Now don’t let it go!A toast to your ride: surf ebb and flow.

Your commitment is easy, it’s all you can picture.

All you want is to foster - and help her deliver.

Your daily conversation composes a nightly gift.

You miss her here but excite when she's gone.

The anticipation of soon creates a common rift

 of tandem heart beats: tap THUD tap THUD on.

Her soul spins ballet whisk-mixing your dreams.

Your fingers recall hers with a water tight seam.

It’s so right you KNOW nothing can go wrong.

Rhymes wheel like water pour a new daily song.

You have it. So hold it. Now don’t let it go!

A toast to your ride: surf ebb and flow.

In comedy Dante passed us through the Inferno

from limbo Purgatorio ascend heaven Paradisio.

Look at her proud and know one sure thing:

that when your eyes connect: angels sing.

Presents of the present bring healthful tidings,

who cares about this poem? Her train is arriving.

You root for traffic when the drive has slowed -

she's closer each second; your heart is full-grown.

Peace and calm rest atop a crystal glass pond.

Reality’s cast magic from an aluminium wand.

Your life together is sailing downwind

so pleasingly.

Each day you spend together is one won

so easily.

How was your day?

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