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Hocus Pocus

How scary looking at your face when all I wanna do is lick your inner place then Exhaust breathy sighs * So I Exhale “Oh-why?” * As if it’s offuh this page of my sagely thoughts where dreaming lovely rhythm wraps twizzled tangled knots. – I’d brush your every angle. I’d massage your achey neck whispering sweet somethings rubbing oils down your back. * Empowering attraction from your tractor beam. “Write with focus.” – “Hold on.” Your nature is screaming. Breathe! * Breath. Blaoww, wow. Huh? Well shit. Well played domino, certainly exquisite. * I love you: in verse. I love you, Universe. * The thought of your touch holds my mental focus which means you got me beleivin’ in: Hocus Pocus.

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